Kelis sings a new single from Kraft Singles

Kraft Heinz continues marketing revamp with 'Square It' track on 'The Singles Single'

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Feb 25, 2022

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Last year, Kraft Heinz embarked on a series of bold rebrands and marketing boosts for its legacy products. It reimagined mac and cheese for grownups and Velveeta for pleasure-seekers. It turned ketchup into tomato blood and launched a viral bologna face mask. Now, another iconic Kraft brand is getting amped up on an unexpected platform.

Kraft Singles, the individually-wrapped squares of yellow cheese product, is aiming for the music charts with a new song from “Milkshake” songstress Kelis. The track, called “Square It,” on "The Singles Single," is a playful number about the many ways you can add extra oomph to a meal with a square of cheesestuff.

“On Friday nights, it's one of those things where we don't get fancy—and so whether it's pizza or chili cheese hot dogs, I'll melt Kraft Singles on top and it gets really creamy—or I put Singles on cheese fries!” said Kelis in a statement. “Kraft Singles are just comforting and fun, and you don't have to overthink it. It's not fancy, but it's delicious.”

The song is part of Kraft Singles' new brand platform, “Square It,” which launched late last year. Riding off of newfound success during the pandemic’s packaged food hoarding days, the marketing boost hopes to retain its numbers by expressing the quick and easy ways one might use the product outside of a sandwich.


“The ‘Square It’ campaign is all about taking Kraft Singles out of the kitchen and bringing the brand into pop culture as we look for new ways to engage with our fans,” said Kylea Pittrich, senior associate brand manager–American Slices, in a statement. “As a result of the COVID pandemic, Kraft Singles has seen double-digit growth for the first time in five years and is bringing its irresistible deliciousness and creamy melt to homes all across America. We wanted to celebrate this, so we teamed up with Kelis, the ultimate singer/songwriter-meets-foodie to launch our very own Singles Single,’Square It (feat. Kelis),’ a true celebration of the many uses of Kraft Singles—from grilled cheese to the beloved BEC and everything in between.”

Take a look at the cheesy lyrics:

[Verse 1]

Grillin’, chillin’, spillin', dillin’.
BEC-ing. Never brie-ing.
Smokin’, yolkin’, flippin’, dippin’.
If you’re not oozing, then you’re losing. Tater totting, cold or hotting.

Mealin’, feelin’, pie-ing, trying.
Color your spread. Upgrade your bread. Pair it. Share it.
Square it.

[Chorus 1]

Cold or hot, I’m feeling yellow yellow Tater tot, I’m feeling yellow yellow

[Verse 2]

Meltin’, breadin’, bakin’, shredin’.
Slicin’, dicin’, spicin’, ricin’.
If you’re Swissing it, then you’re missing it. Fryin’, flyin’, savorin’, favorin’.
Over rotini. Inside a panini.
Egging, maining, siding, plain-ing.
Debunk the inglorious. One shape’s victorious. Square it.

[Chorus 2]

Cold or hot, I’m feeling yellow yellow It’s a jackpot, I’m feeling yellow yellow


Toppin’, choppin’, saucin’, bossin’.
Hella hotta than ricotta.
Toast but better. Lose the cheddar.
Try and hors-d'œuvre it.
 All the hoagies deserve it. Pair it with deli, every other cheese, jelly.

Bean it. Mean it.
 Square it.


Cold or hot, I’m feeling yellow yellow
Tater tot, I’m feeling –
Cold or hot, I’m feeling yellow yellow
It’s a square shot, I’m feeling yellow yellow

The song is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and Amazon Music. As of reporting, no additional musical entries are planned for the Kraft Singles discography. 


Feb 25, 2022
Client :
Kraft Heinz
Agency :
Johannes Leonardo
President Meal Foundations, Coffee :
Sergio Nahuz
Chief Creative Consultant :
Matthew Bull
GM Cheese :
Vikram Singh
VP Head of Strategy and Development :
Jessica Vultaggio
Equity Platform Lead :
Anne Field
Associate Director :
Alison Kelly
Sr. Associate Brand Manager :
Melanie Guidotti
Sr. Associate Brand Manager :
Kylea Pittrich
Founder :
Jan Jacobs
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Leo Premutico
Julia Neumann
Group Creative Director :
Jeph Burton
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Hunter Hampton
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Matthew Barton
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Zoe Myers
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Haley Derrah
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Brenden Smith
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Casey Donahue
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Cameren Moncrieff
Group Account Director :
Elektra O'Malley
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Jack Beck
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Jonathan Skewes
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Abbye Rhodes
Head of Production :
Maria Perez
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Brett Fisher
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Frannie Schultz
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