A Colonel Sanders bib and 'dirty disclaimer' greet KFC fans brave enough to eat this messy sandwich

Mother London mimics GDPR prose in Dirty Louisiana Burger campaign

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Oct 09, 2018

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KFC is bringing its Dirty Louisiana chicken sandwich back to the UK, and it’s leaning hard into the messiness of the burger, with its three sauces and an incongruous hash brown perched atop the breaded patty.

It’s a meal diners will need to eat at their own risk, at least according to KFC’s own “dirty disclaimer,” which Mother London modeled after the ubiquitous GDPR privacy disclaimers that have been inundating newly protected Europeans.

“I am fully accountable for any excess sauce left on my face, beard, hair, eyebrows, or other facial extremities; and for any incriminating or amusing photographic evidence posted on all social media channels by insensitive family, friends, colleagues or bystanders,” it reads.

To really drive the point home, fans in select restaurants will also get a bib, styled like Colonel Sanders’ iconic white suit, to don while eating the chaotic stack of food. A 10-second TV spot makes a mess with sauces on subwoofers. It’s directed by Partizan’s Radical Friend and is accompanied by a national digital outdoor campaign.