KFC made a horror movie to promote its new fried chicken crust pizza

'The Massacre' aired in Spain and features 'diabiolical crusts'

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Jul 22, 2022

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If the thought of a plain pizza crust fills you with horror, then KFC has made a movie about it—all to get you to try its new pizza with a fried chicken base.

To promote its new limited-edition "Pollizza" (the word combines the Spanish word for chicken "pollo" and "pizza"), KFC Spain and agency PS21 created a 14-minute horror film called "The Massacre."

It tells the story of a group of five friends who arrive at a cabin in the woods to enjoy a weekend surrounded by nature. They decide to order dinner from a mysterious pizza place, but eating the plain, ugly-looking pizza crusts that turn up ends in disaster. There's vomiting, blood and guts and more (including echoes of "The Blair Witch Project" ). It's all a warning to beware if you see a regular old crust and try the chicken version instead. 

The film was screened in Madrid for journalists and film buffs before being released on social media, where it has accumulated 100,000 views between Twitch and YouTube. Film posters also appeared around the city. Another promotional element included the telephone number for the pizza place that appeared in the movie. Those who dialed in could claim free pizza during launch week, which 2,500 people did. 

"Everyone loves pizza, but not everybody loves the crust, and that is the only ingredient that Pollizza doesn't have," said Victor Blanco, executive creative director of PS21, in a statement. Creating the campaign's horror short "in which several diabolical crusts attack a group of friends who were enjoying a weekend at a lakeside house. ... .was the most sensible thing to do."

Spanish filmmaker NYSU, who has directed music videos for the likes of New Order, Bastille and Band of Skulls, directed the movie in homage to classic 1950s B movies. 

'It has been a dream to pay tribute to directors with whom I have grown up audio visually like Sam Raimi, Tobe Hooper, Joe Dante," said NYSU  in a statement. "We were always clear that we didn't want to make a parody of the genre, nor make fun of it, but to make an incredible piece that respected the codes and rules of the B Series."

The goal "was to escape from the 'vice' of advertising, where perfection is sought in every shot. In this case the challenge was to find the balance between making everything look 'low fi', doing certain things deliberately wrong and, at the same time, find original and surrealistic mise-en-scène solutions from that malpractice."

KFC "The Massacre" movie poster