Kids chug tallboys in Liquid Death regional Super Bowl ad

The spot played with product misconceptions and featured a hidden QR code with huge discount

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Feb 14, 2022

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Sporting events can get pretty rowdy and the sight of spectators slamming back cans of beer isn’t out of the ordinary—unless they’re children. In Liquid Death's Super Bowl spot, its first broadcast ad, the brand becomes the drinking equivalent of smoking a candy cigarette.

Liquid Death’s cans of mountain water resemble the packaging for alcoholic beverages and according to the brand, over half of those who know of Liquid Death don’t know it’s water. Getting a little daring with that misconception, the brand utilized its Big Game airtime to raise awareness for what’s really in a can of Liquid Death.

Set to a rendition of Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law,” the ad shows a group of children cutting loose with cans of Liquid Death. The kids make goofy faces, dance, pass out for some naptime and draw on each other’s faces in slow motion as they chug tallboy cans. To drive the message home, the spot concludes with a pregnant woman tossing back a can of her own.

The ad aired in more than 20 markets, including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Dallas, during the Super Bowl. A small QR code was hidden at the end of the commercial. The first three viewers to spot it received an entire palette of Liquid Death for $1. The code flashes for a brief moment as the stein of water splashes across the screen, and Ad Age was told the three palettes sold out quickly. Multiple brands, including Coinbase, featured QR code bargains to engage Super Bowl viewers.

LiquidDeath QR Code

This wasn't the brand's only game-day stunt. Liquid Death also sent a witch to the Super Bowl in support of the underdog team.


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