Kraft Real Mayo launches Juicy Couture collaboration with nostalgic sweat set

Condiment brand is the latest to seize on nostalgia trend

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Nov 01, 2022
View from the back of a woman wearing a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit which reads SMOOTH on her behind; as she holds a paper shopping bag in her left hand and a jug of Kraft mayo in her right hand.

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Early ‘00s nostalgia is all the rage and brands have jumped on tributes to the era of Paris, Nicole, Lindsay, Britney in force. Perhaps the most on-the-nose to date, Kraft Heinz announced a collaboration with iconic rhinestoned backside brand Juicy Couture.

"The Smooth Lover's" collection consists of a blue velour track suit, with the word "smooth" across the butt, and a white tube top that reads "mayo couture." The set will cost $150.

Kraft Mayo

Kraft’s partnership with the creator of velour sweat sets is meant to pay homage to mayonnaise’s smooth texture; a fitting stretch. The campaign will go full fashion fandom, featuring paparazzi-style imagery, editorial content in magazines Nylon and Elite Daily, paid social content showcasing the collection and teased partnerships with celebs.

“Kraft Real Mayo and Juicy Couture are both synonymous with being champions of those who revel in their individuality and are unafraid to stand up for what they love, making this partnership a match made in velvety heaven,” said Frances Sabatier, brand manager for Kraft Real Mayo at the Kraft Heinz Company, in a statement. “'The Smooth Lover’s' Collection is a celebration of what we love most about our fans, and we’re thrilled to offer them the first-ever mayo-infused couture to rotate into their wardrobe and express their individuality.”

According to the mayonnaise brand, it has been the top-performing annual grower in the condiment category over the past three years and its appeal to young audiences is a bid to keep its new consumers spreading Kraft on their buns. The clothing line is available at and follows the latest work “Mayo or Mayonnaise” from Wieden + Kennedy.


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