Boobs argue with each other in these breast cancer PSAs

Campaign from Circus Grey features well-known Peruvian actresses engaged in witty banter

Published On
Oct 27, 2020

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A new campaign from Peru's League Against Cancer takes an original approach to encouraging women to get breast cancer checks: it features pairs of boobs arguing with each other.

In each of four wittily-scripted spots by agency Circus Grey, a well-known Peruvian actress plays both left and right mammaries, having conversations with each other over whether to get a breast check. (In each, one breast is relaxed or thinks it doesn't apply to them, while the other is more cautious.) The actresses—Patricia Portocarrero, Leslie Stewart, Ebelin Ortiz, and Anaí Padilla—each bring a subtly different vibe to the dialogue, but each ends with the same message—don't keep make excuses not to go.

The campaign, directed by Bacha and Chinon at Señor Z, taps into the insight that the main reason women in Peru don't go for preventative exams is that they fear the results. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Latin America and the WHO predicts that cases will rise by 64% by 2040 if rates continue to rise.


Oct 27, 2020
Client :
League Against Cancer
Agency :
Circus Grey
President :
Adolfo Dammert Ludowieg
General Manager :
Damary Milla
Medical Director :
Raúl Velarde
Communications Director :
Gianina Orellana
Zinka Mendoza
President & CCO :
Jose Luis Rivera y Pierola
Charlie Tolmos
CD :
Yasu Arakaki
CD :
Rodrigo Melgar
Copywriter :
Luis Alburqueque
Art Director :
Oscar Gonzales
Creative Team :
Alessandra Castañeda
Creative Team :
Ada Rucabado
Creative Team :
Lucía Chirinos
Creative Team :
Piero Roncal
Innovation & Planning Director :
Nicolás Rodríguez
New Business Director :
Valeria Malone
Production Director :
Renzo Talavera
Executive Producer :
Katty Santillana
Executive Producer :
Pierina Ivazeta
Production Company :
Senor Z
Director :
Director :
Miguel Valencia
Director Assistant :
Alejandra Z
Second Assistant :
Tomás Z
Art Director :
Sabrina Z
General Production :
Lorena Z
General Production :
Gabriela Z
Executive Producer :
Alexandra Z
Line Producer :
Mariana Z
Field Producer :
Carmen Z
Production Assistant :
Alexandra Contreras
Technical Producer :
Rosanna Meneses
Make up :
Samia Franco
Scenography :
Víctor Cáceres
Editor :
Ignacio Z
Online Coordinator :
Horacio Z
Post Production :
Wawin Z
Post Production Team :
Miguel Ménde
Post Production Team :
Kevin Mamani
Audio Company :
Sound and Music Designer :
Claudia Incio

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