LeBron James and Erling Haaland silence the doubters in Beats by Dre’s epic new commercial

This is soccer star Haaland’s first Beats campaign, and James’ entire family has now signed with the brand as well

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Oct 23, 2023
LeBron James and Erling Haaland in a poster for the new Beats by Dre ad "The King and the Viking"

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Beats by Dre tells a captivating, cross-generational, multi-sport story in an epic two-minute spot rolling out Monday morning, starring basketball legend LeBron James, 38, and soccer phenom Erling Haaland, 23—who share more than you might think, as framed by Beats and agency Translation.

The story, at its core, is about finding the confidence to excel, to dominate one’s sport. For James, nearing the twilight of his career, it’s about whether he can maintain his spectacular level of play. For Haaland, the Norwegian striker for Manchester City, it’s about whether he can live up to the stratospheric hype.

In a nice touch, LeBron’s wife Savannah James and Erling’s father Alfie Haaland narrate the spot, framing the challenges facing each athlete through an inspirational manifesto.


The spot marks a milestone for both families in terms of Beats brand ambassadorship. This is Haaland’s first spot for the brand. For the James family, it’s an expansion of the relationship. LeBron has endorsed Beats since 2008, while his son Bronny signed in 2022—as the first high school athlete on the roster. Now, the rest of the James family—Savannah as well as son Bryce, 16, and daughter Zhuri, 9—are officially becoming endorsers as well. This is the brand’s first-ever family signing.

“It’s a pretty special thing to see how this partnership has grown with our family over the years,” said LeBron James in a statement. “It’s a blessing for me to share the stage with them, and with a brand that’s been part of our lives since we started this journey. Family means everything to me!”

“I’m excited to join the Beats family, a brand that has long been a part of my pre-match routine as an athlete,” said Haaland. “Family is important to me, and this campaign and partnership really speak to that.”

The spot features Beats’ new Studio series of headphones, with LeBron and Erling wearing the Beats Studio Pro and Savannah and Alfie wearing Beats Studio Buds+.