Liquid Death made 300 Steve-O voodoo dolls with the ‘Jackass’ star’s real hair

If you’re up for torturing the guy, now’s your chance—the dolls are going for $125 a pop at the brand’s online store

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Aug 29, 2023
A blad Steve-O grinning and holding one of his voodoo dolls and a green can of Liquid Death

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Liquid Death has combined two of its favorite obsessions—Steve-O and the occult—in a new product that has little to do with canned water, but what the hell, it’s weird and funny anyway.

As seen in the video below, the brand shaved the “Jackass” star’s head and stuffed the hair inside little voodoo dolls, which it’s now selling for $125 apiece at

Steve-O’s been through a lot in his stunt career—he’s lucky to be alive, frankly—but now, thanks to the voodoo dolls, he’s exposed himself to whatever additional pain the purchasers want to inflict on him. 


“These dolls are the first-ever interactive stuntman experience where everything you do to your doll, Steve-O will actually feel,” the brand says.

Who knows, maybe in a roundabout way this will sell more Liquid Death water in the short term. But really, it’s more about taking your typical marketing tropes—in this case, selling something of your spokesman’s to the public (Steve-O has done LD stunts in the past)—and subverting them to reinforce the brand’s outsider positioning. All of which ladders up to sales in the end.

“I’d be lying if I said this doesn’t creep me out, but I love Liquid Death so much, I said fuck it!” Steve-O said in a statement.

A bald Steve-O grinning and holding a voodoo doll and a green can of Liquid Death

Past Liquid Death supernatural stunts include creating cans of “Cursed Liquid Death,” also with help from a witch doctor, for Halloween 2019, and placing a $50,000 bet on the 2022 Super Bowl, then sending a witch to the game to cast spells to sway the game in its favor.


Aug 29, 2023
Client :
Liquid Death
Agency :
Liquid Death
Co-Founder/CEO :
Mike Cessario
SVP Marketing :
Dan Murphy
VP Creative :
Andy Pearson
VP Marketing :
Greg Fass
VP Design :
Frank Dresme
VP Apparel :
Misha Brunelli
Creative Director :
Will Carsola
Associate Creative Director :
Stu Golley
Design Director of Merch :
Adam Hedman
Senior Brand Manager :
Tia Sherwood
Senior Social Media Manager :
Rachael Mumford
Senior Nihilist :
Brendan Kelly
Video Editor :
Tyler Beasley
Apparel Production & Sourcing Manager :
Sean Smik
Executive Producer/Director :
Johnny Eastlund
Senior Producer :
Cookie Walukas
Senior Producer :
Tatianna Rodriguez
Production Coordinator :
Rylee Brown
Director of Photography :
Jackson Montemayor
Camera Operator :
John Beatty
Photographer :
Lauren Withrow

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