Liquid Death promotes itself as bong water with the help of Wiz Khalifa

The canned water brand teamed with the rapper for cannabis crossover

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Dec 07, 2021

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Liquid Death has been scaring us with undead, horror and gore-themed marketing all year. It’s only fair that the canned water brand helps us chill out now. The suggestion: use Liquid Death as luxury bong water.

In its latest marketing surprise, Liquid Death has teamed with rapper Wiz Khalifa’s cannabis brand Khalifa Kush to offer a new spin on how to use its product. Why drink water when you can use it to get lit?

"I loved collaborating with the team on the video and seeing everything come to life,” said Khalifa in a statement. “The idea came from a smoked out team brainstorm and something that’s true to my daily life!"

The campaign’s hero is a very dramatic series of closeups and slow-mo pours set to Enya-esque vocals. Khalifa opens a can of Liquid Death and pours its clear innards into an unidentified vessel. The popping can and trickling of water emulate an ASMR video. When the spot finally reveals a wide shot, its revealed to be a Khalifa Kush bong, filled with Liquid Death.

“Liquid Death,” whispers the narrator. “The finest bong water on earth.”

"Wiz Khalifa poured Liquid Death into his bong and posted a video of it on his Instagram, and he told us that his fans loved the video," said Mike Cessario, CEO and co-founder of Liquid Death. "So we thought it was funny how 'fancy' it is to buy Liquid Death and use it as premium water for your bong. Every major food and bev company is trying to find ways to get involved in the cannabis space as legalization grows rapidly around the country. So this became a tongue-in-cheek way for Liquid Death to jump on the cannabis bandwagon and use one of the biggest personalities in the space, without us having to change a single thing about our product."


Dec 07, 2021
Client :
Liquid Death
Agency :
CEO & Co-Founder :
Mike Cessario
VP of Marketing :
Greg Fass
VP of Creative :
Andy Pearson
Director of Visual Propaganda :
Alex Lang
Creative collaborator :
Chief Creative Director :
David Littlejohn
Copywriter :
Steven Preisman
Copywriter :
Knowlton Bourne
Copywriter :
Emily DeMario
Copywriter :
Daniel Azneer
Designer :
Travis Hitchcock
Creative Producer :
Chira Bamarni
Creative Coordinator :
Dani Harrison
Creative Coordinator :
Zach Plating
Production Company :
Liquid Death
Producer :
Kristin Childers
Director of Photography :
Eric Yealland
Editor :
Tyler Beasley
Music :
Ryan McTear

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