Long John Silver's Lent campaign is an album of audio coupons about seafood

Baldwin& created a record label tied to the fish-friendly religious observance

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Mar 19, 2019

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One need only listen to a few sea shanties to recognize that humans have been singing about fish for millennia. From the fishwife glorified in “Molly Malone” to the family of hungry predators in “Baby Shark,” we seem to love songs about seafood and the creatures that live in the ocean.

Long John Silver’s, the chain restaurant known for fried fish and hush puppies, has capitalized on this musical appetite with an album of seafood-related songs sung by the Coral Benders, a D.C.-based surf rock band. And not only are the tunes cool--they serve as coupons too. 

The first song on the album is “The Ballad of Long John Silver’s,” an ethereal cacophony featuring guitar twang and dolphin sounds. It premiered on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, which traditionally marks a time when many Christians replace beef, pork and chicken in their meals with fish. “Long John Silver was a white-haired man, cooking up fish in a frying pan,” it begins.

A week later came “Pisces SZN,” an energetic cascade of sound that channels The B-52’s. Fans can use the songs as an audio coupon. Just play the week’s song in-store to get free or discounted food. 

Five more songs are due out on the next five Fridays, all from in-house record label Fish Yeah! Records, created by agency Baldwin&.

While the agency has worked with LJS since 2017 on TV campaigns, this is the first social campaign the pair have created together.


Mar 19, 2019
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