Burger King Plays With Fire (Again) in a Blazing Recruitment Campaign

Fast Feeder Offers Different Outlet for Young People's Pyromania

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Mar 01, 2018

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Burger King previously tread a risky path when it debuted a series of ads showing its real stores set aflame--but then went on to win a Cannes Lions Grand Prix for them. Now, in Germany, BK is burning again, this time in a recruitment campaign from Grabarz and Partners that depicts young folks setting various things on fire.

The ads feature a fire-breathing woman, a person lighting up giant puppets at Spain's fire festival, soccer fans blasting fireworks at a match and perhaps the most incendiary image--a lone, hooded figure about to hurl a burning object into a sea of flames.

But Burger King wants to offer young people a different outlet for their pyromania and copy reads, "Love fire? Contact us," followed by the tagline "Flame grilling since 1954."

The campaign runs starting tomorrow on large-scale outdoor posters in Verling, Hamburg and Hanover, while full-page ads will appear in magazines including Metal Hammer and Musikexpress.