Best of 2014 #8 TV/Film: Honey Maid Showers 'Love' on Haters of its Inclusive Ad

Negative Feedback Becomes Something Beautiful in New Film out of Droga5

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Apr 03, 2014

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In March, graham cracker brand Honey Maid, along with agency Droga5 redefined what "wholesome" means in a spot that celebrated families of all kinds, including gay couples and single parents. As you can imagine, the ad earned both praise and criticism, the latter which the agency turned into the heartwarming message of strength and hope you see in the film here.

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Last month, Mondelez graham cracker brand Honey Maid set out to redefine the idea of "wholesome" with a much-buzzed about ad that highlighted a diverse range of families.They included a gay couple and their son as well as a family with a white father, black mother and mixed-race kids. The ad, not suprisingly, drew out a lot of haters on social media. But Honey Maid, along with agency Droga5, has taken all that ill-will and turned it into something beautiful---a massive paper sculpture forming the word "Love." Even the positive feedback -- which was ten times that of the negative -- was incorporated into the piece as a large sea that encompasses all that transformed "hate."