Totally NSFW: This Big Swinging Member Counts Down to Copenhagen Pride Week

Unusual Countdown Clock Is Best Experienced in the Privacy of Your Home

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Apr 27, 2016

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The term "big swinging dick" takes on a whole new meaning in this extremely NSFW digital idea from Danish sex shop Lust and Copenhagen Pride. The unusual countdown clock has a distinguishing feature -- a naked penis that performs a helicopter in place of the typical clock-face arms. It will be ticking away till Copenhagen Pride Week, which runs from August 16 through 21.

The idea was created out of Uncle Grey, Denmark, and of course, comes with a colorful production backstory.

According to Creative Director Thomas Ilum, the idea was inspired by real-life experience. "More or less everybody on the team had experienced the helicopter in the locker rooms," he said. "We all agreed that there was something terrifying, yet very celebratory about it. Then one thing led to another."

In case you were wondering, there were no high-end effects involved and the clock was shot in-camera. Although the owner of the member involved remains anonymous, the agency assures it was no one from its team. It was actually "a struggle to find the right talent," Mr. Ilum said. "Only the last night before the shoot we found the talent through an online casting."

The crew was kept to a minimum during the shoot, which took about an hour and fifteen minutes. "We had to limit the team behind the camera to the camera guy, director, a creative and the talent's assistant. It takes a good assistant to do helicopter swings for one hour and fifteen minutes," said Mr. Ilum. The team didn't get its money shot until the very last take, which "made everybody go wild," he added.

Technically speaking, the "propeller" was shot using a super slow-mo Phantom flex camera.

After all was said and done, Mr. Ilum observed that "the talent didn't wash his hands before shaking everybody's hands before leaving. Only one creative saw it coming from a mile away and sneaked off to the bathroom."

Given such an arduous production, "we had to send out creatives and the developer on a holiday, as they've been staring at this for some weeks now," said Mr. Ilum. "It does get to you at some point I guess."

It was not all for naught, though. "People are amazed, captivated by it," said Mr. Ilum. "Our client's website has crashed due to the many visits, and I'm sure a lot of working hours have been lost around the world."


Apr 27, 2016
Brand :
Copenhagen Pride
Client :
Copenhagen Pride
Agency :
Creative Director :
Thomas Ilum
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Production :
WM Creative Labs
Creative Director :
Jimmy Blom
Senior Art Director :
Lukas Lund
Art Director :
Carl Angelo
Tech Director :
Karsten Kirkegaard
Director :
Oliver Knauer

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