Lyft’s brand campaign is all about the passenger life

Latest from W&K N.Y. directed by Tom Kuntz highlights the freedom found in not being in the driver's seat

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Dec 13, 2018

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Lyft puts the focus on the joys of being a passenger in its latest brand campaign from Wieden & Kennedy New York. The effort, which dropped this week, includes two spots directed by comedy pro Tom Kuntz of MJZ. In one, a guy stuck in gridlock gets so frustrated with his decision to drive that he travels in reverse all the way back home--so he can choose to order a Lyft instead. During this "rewind," he says "nope" to all the frustrations that come with driving (like cops with radar guns) and "yep" to the perks afforded by sitting in the back seat (like stopping at the pub for a drink).

Another spot features a highly articulate spokesdriver who introduces the many ways you can say “yes”--because you’ll be doing a whole lot of that with the opportunities that open up when you’re a Lyft passenger. 

The campaign reflects a more practical and product-focused approach compared to the brand’s first work with Wieden & Kennedy, an aspirational, celebrity-filled campaign starring Jeff Bridges, Tilda Swinton and Jordan Peele, featuring the tag “It Matters How You Get There.”

It will run on digital and social platforms and on local broadcast in select markets.

“Lyft wants to give you the freedom that comes with riding--so you can start saying “yep” to more things than ever,” the brand said in a blog post about the new campaign.

This year, in the wake of steady growth (drivers and passengers doubled, while revenue tripled in 2017)  the company also overhauled its brand identity to include a broader palette and vibrant photography. It also recently debuted a cheeky local campaign, created in-house, targeting Brooklyn commuters affected by the imminent halt to the L subway line in New York.