Animated tattoos speak in ads for Lynx's new ink protection shower gel

Product is designed to keep your tatts fresh

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Aug 07, 2019

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Unilever's Lynx (Axe) brand has a new shower gel product aimed at the increasing number of people with tattoos -- and to promote it, there's a fun campaign in which tatts come to life and speak.

The product, Ink Shower Gel, is marketed as being designed to keep your ink fresh. In three ads by 72andSunny Amsterdam, tattoos themselves are animated and we hear the voices of the real-life people who sport them.

An owl tattoo with a fear of heights explains in a Scots accent how he skydived to impress a girl; a tiger complains "it's a jungle out there" in the era of smartphone dating and in a third, seen here, a couple's tiger and parrot tattoos explain the story of how they met. Each spot ends with the person washing their tatt with the product in the shower.

To give the campaign an authentic feel, the featured tattoos belong to real people, who each contributed their own stories and voices to the campaign. The animation was crafted using only the elements from original tattoos.

Adam Koppel , creative director at 72andSunny Amsterdam, says: “The tattoos needed their own personality. Instead of scripts, we had springboard ideas. Then used controlled improvisation and interviews to land the idea.”

The ads are running in the U.K., on social and video on demand platforms.