Magnum 'remixes' Mozart's 25th Symphony in a music video

Latest mash-up from Lola MullenLowe promotes its 'Magnum Remix' campaign

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Aug 03, 2022

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Magnum has been promoting its "Magnum Remix" flavor mashups this summer with some remixes of classic videos, such as a new version of Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out of My Head" featuring Peggy Gou. To promote the brand in Austria, it went back to the 18th century for inspiration and "remixed" one of the country's most famous residents, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 

The Unilever ice-cream brand created a music video set to the first movement of Mozart's "25th Symphony in G Minor," remixing the classic piece with some 21st-century additions.

It starts with an actor playing Mozart, composing the well-known piece for his lover, whom he's just kissed passionately on a piano lid. Halfway through, after hitting a dud key, he goes to examine the piano, getting sucked into it.  We're then taken into a swirling animation featuring a synched-up version of the piece, but by the time his lover has discovered he's disappeared and runs to get help, the musician returns to finish the composition.

The campaign is by Lola MullenLowe, with direction by Martin Werner and Ralph Karam via Proppa. The music was rearranged and produced by Pietranera-Sancho in HeyFolks studio and recorded with the Malaga Symphony Orchestra. Felipe Guevara did the mix with Closed Studios.

According to Magnum, the idea was inspired by the fact that Mozart was actually a real-life ice cream lover; in a letter to his father Leoopold, he once mentioned that after a concert performance he treated himself ice cream afterward (although we're fairly sure it wasn't a chocolate lollipop on a stick).

The video was unveiled last week at the composer's birthplace in Salzburg during a reception hosted by the International Mozarteum Foundation and Magnum. A special exhibition is open to visitors until Sept.11, and the wider campaign is running online, in print and out-of-home ads across Salzburg.