Join Nat Geo's Mars Colonist Recruitment Program in Virtual Reality

Innovative In-Browser VR Games Headline an Expansive Alternate Reality Campaign

Published On
Dec 08, 2016


National Geographic has released five interactive in-browser virtual reality games as part of an expansive alternate reality campaign to promote its Mars series, a hybrid of fictional drama and documentary footage.

Created by digital boutique agency Neo-Pangea, this suite of VR games are among the first to be playable completely in-browser. They serve as the centerpiece of a fictional Mars Colonist Recruitment Program launched as a companion experience for the Mars series.

The five free VR games playable at use motion controls to test a variety of skills, including spacecraft piloting, surface rover driving, life support repair, rocket landing, and robotic manipulation. For those without cardboard VR equipment, all simulations still provide responsive, engaging experiences on desktop computers and mobile devices.