Marmite is trying to hypnotize haters into liking it

Unilever brand is running a 'mind control' film experiment and related campaign

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Oct 09, 2019

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Marmite's marketing has always cleverly capitalized on the fact that people either love or hate the stuff—but its latest ruse is to try and convert the haters, using hypnotism. 

The Unilever-owned spread has employed hypnotist and author Rory Z Fulcher to create a "mind control" film that aims to persuade Marmite haters to love the taste. In the campaign, created by Adam&Eve/DDB, people can apply online to watch the film under strictly controlled conditions in a special event, the results of which will be publicized later this year. A two-minute "taster" of the film (seen here) is also running online, although all hypnotherapy segments have been removed. 

The campaign also incudes a TV ad, below, which imagines how people might react once they're converted to Marmite-lovers, as well as glitching "blip-verts" also running on TV promoting the experiment. Moxie Pictures worked on production and W Communications is the PR lead on the project. 


Marmite points out that only those who want to be converted can take part, and people have to "want" to be hypnotized for the results to be successful. But the whole thing begs the question: if Marmite converts the haters, what will happen to its marketing strategy?