Martha Stewart serves up a gory candle in Liquid Death's Halloween video

Latest bizarre stunt by the water brand is a blood-spattered promotion

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Oct 06, 2022

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Whether it's suggesting you name babies after heavy metal bands, making a zombie-themed infomerical or holding a disgusting taste tests, Liquid Death is a brand that seems to have a neverending supply of eye-catching bizarre ideas.

Its latest is to team up with an unlikely pitchwoman, Martha Stewart, to launch a novelty candle for Halloween. But this is no Gwyneth Paltrow-style wellness campaign. "The Dismembered Moments Luxury Candle" is black, unscented and comes in the shape of a life-size severed hand gripping a Liquid Death can, all in black decorated with a red wick. 

Stewart demonstrates how it's "made" in a blood-spattered video in which she severs the hands of a number of unsuspecting victims who just want to be in a Martha Stewart video. Look away if you're squeamish. Stewart, who seems to be game for anything these days, looks like she had great fun doing it, and is selling the candle exclusively on her website for $58.

The campaign was created in-house with the video directed by Bonnie Dennison and Alison Barton.



Oct 06, 2022
Client :
Liquid Death
Co-Founder & CEO :
Mike Cessario
SVP Marketing :
Dan Murphy
VP Creative :
Andy Pearson
VP Marketing :
Greg Fass
VP Design :
Franke Dresmé
VP Cultwear :
Misha Brunelli
Executive Producer :
Johnny Eastlund
Senior Producer :
Tatianna Rodriguez
Senior Campaign Manager :
Tia Sherwood
Associate Creative Director :
Stu Golley
Senior Nihilist :
Brendan Kelly
Editor :
Tyler Beasley
Director of Program Management :
Lia Alberti
Director :
Bonnie Dennison
Director :
Alison Barton
Line Producer :
Halavah Sofsky
Director of Photography :
Daniel Christopher

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