Kids Rule the Remote in Virgin Media's (Scarily Accurate) Campaign

They Know How to Connect the Laptop to the TV -- and You Don't

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Sep 09, 2016

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A new campaign from the U.K.'s Virgin Media delivers a message that any parent of young children will instantly recognize -- your kids, not you, are the masters of the TV these days.

The spot, created by BBH and directed by Traktor, features all-powerful kids bragging that they, alone, know which remote controls which box, how to retrieve that show you recorded, how to watch box sets from the tablet and how the laptop plugs into the TV. Meanwhile, their parents look mystified and frustrated.

"We are the masters of TV, because we are seven, and you are not," announces a hoodie-wearing schoolboy confidently, before the ad concludes with the message that Virgin Media is here to simplify your TV watching.

Later in the campaign, additional 20-second spots will go live illustrating specific product benefit messages around Virgin TV, like "'smart search" to find the shows you love.

Kerris Bright, chief marketing officer at Virgin Media, said in a statement: "This campaign is the start of a major investment in building Virgin TV. These days, the telly we love is hiding all over the place. The shows we want to watch are no longer just on live TV -- they're on a range of services, like Catch Up, On Demand or services like Netflix. There is more to choose from, but you have to look harder to find the TV you love. That is where we come in. We bring the best bits of the TV world together, no matter who made them."