Match launches ‘Adults Wanted’ campaign in a dating scene where they’re in short supply

Mojo Supermarket targets its latest OOH ads at those who’ve had enough of emotional immaturity

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May 30, 2023
Match ads on wild postings that read "Adults Wanted"

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Finding someone to date who isn’t a complete child—is that too much to ask?

Match doesn’t think so. And it’s now launching an outdoor campaign addressing the rampant immaturity in the dating scene with a simple phrase: “Adults Wanted.” 

Match billboard that reads "Rip the clothes off someone who knows how to put them away"

Match billboard that reads "Cross a borough for someone who won't cross your boundaries"

The OOH campaign, by agency Mojo Supermarket, includes lines like “Fall stupidly in love with someone who’s actually really smart,” “Get really naughty with someone really nice,” and “Cross a borough for someone who won’t cross your boundaries.” It was inspired in part by Match research suggesting less than half of young singles are excited or enthusiastic about dating—and 64% of online daters are feeling burnt out in their dating lives.

The ads are going up around New York City and Los Angeles, with bold colors and simple, striking typography. The campaign includes a subway station domination at Bedford Avenue on the L line in Brooklyn, as well as digital placements and interior train installations throughout NYC.

Match billboard that reads "Forget flowers. Find someone who buys you tampons"

“Dating shouldn't feel like a chore. It should be exciting—dare I say, fun,” said Amber Harrison, VP of brand at Match. “This summer, Match is encouraging adult singles to get off the app and get out on real dates, where you let down your hair and completely let go with someone who is really ready to let you in.”

“Toxic dating stories are a dime a dozen, and as riveting as they are over brunch, they don’t exactly inspire anyone to date. And that’s no fun. Because dating can and should be fun,” said Scott Mai, account director at Mojo Supermarket. “With ‘Adults Wanted,’ we want to appeal to emotionally mature adults who are still looking for a good time with someone that they’re attracted to. Because when you’re an emotionally mature adult, you deserve a partner that communicates, respects your boundaries, and simply makes you feel good.”

Match billboards that read “Break your own rules with someone who also has boundaries” and “Make out with someone who’s made something of their life”

Match billboards that read “Get really naughty with someone really nice” and “Fall stupidly in love with someone really smart”

The theme is reminiscent of Mojo’s first Match campaign, “Adults date better,” from back in 2021. The agency’s 2022 campaign also focused on dissatisfaction with dating life, under the theme “Do you. Until you find someone worth doing.”

Match billboards that read “Stay out late with someone who also goes to bed early” and “What’s better than one open communicator? Two.”

Match billboards in the NYC subway