McDonald’s Belgium made silver cutlery for its fancy new Deluxe burgers

A high-class sandwich deserves high-class utensils, says this TBWA Belgium campaign

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Feb 29, 2024
A McDonald's burger and a set of silver cutlery

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McDonald’s is typically finger food. But in Belgium, the fast-food chain has introduced—for the first time, it claims, anywhere in the world—a set of silver cutlery, so you can eat its fancy new Deluxe burgers in style.

Close-up of McDonald's silver cutlery

The limited-edition collectibles were handed out via social media to loyal McDonald’s fans in Belgium. The chain asked fans in social to tag the person they’d like to share a Deluxe burger with and explain why—for a chance to win the cutlery.

Close-up of McDonald's silver cutlery

McDonald’s has, of course, offered plastic cutlery over the years, but has been scaling back its use for sustainability reasons. Last fall in the U.S., the chain discontinued its large plastic McFlurry spoon, and McDonald’s U.K. last year said it would no longer offer any plastic cutlery.

Close-up of McDonald's fancy napkin