See Kim Kardashian West, Travis Kelce and Dracula's favorite McDonald's orders in pre-game Super Bowl ad

Golden Arches to show off what celebrities—and historical figures—eat in latest from Wieden & Kennedy New York

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Jan 31, 2020

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Everyone has a go-to order at McDonald’s, even Dracula.

That’s the premise of a 30-second spot set to air just before the Super Bowl.

The ad, which comes from Wieden & Kennedy New York, is a close-up of a series of trays the viewer sees from overhead. Names flash on the bottom of the screen to show which McDonald’s fan’s order is being shown, beginning with Kanye West, then Kim Kardashian West and other famous folks.

At first, the premise might feel familiar. Postmates, for one, has shown off details about celebrities’ receipts. 

Here, though, every order features McDonald’s mainstays such as Chicken McNuggets, Egg McMuffins, fries or hash browns. And they're legit—McDonald's said that it asked celebrity fans to share their Golden Arches favorites.

But along with those, fictional orders are peppered in, such as the one you might expect from Julius Caesar and one with retro packaging for Marty McFly. The Hamburglar gets more burgers than anyone else, while Dracula is after plenty of ketchup packets. There’s a milkshake for Romeo with a single straw that quickly adds a second straw to signify it’s for Romeo and Juliet. 

Soon, the story heads to territory meant to appeal to those who are tuning in to watch the game. The orders of San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs greats Joe Montana and Jerry Rice should please the 49ers faithful. Ever wonder what Fox NFL sideline reporter Erin Andrews eats from McDonald’s? Neither have we, but it’s breakfast. Then come trays for the Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce of the Chiefs. Mahomes is a well-known ketchup fan, but the number of packets for his McNuggets, burger, and fries doesn’t come close to the amount Dracula snared.

The football theme continues with a flick of a paper pigskin.

The spot, dropping just before the coin toss, doesn't technically fall into a Big Game ad buy, but the commercial is broadly entertaining and name drops enough celebrities that viewers may very well digest it as a "Super Bowl" spot. 

McDonald’s, which still needs to boost visits to its U.S. restaurants, is trying to forge more of an emotional connection with ads inspired by its true fans that show off its broad appeal. No word yet on whether these famous fans are going to be sharing their orders on social media, but on Super Bowl Sunday more should be clear. (We’re guessing Mahomes and Kelce will be a bit too busy.)

“Famous Orders” is the second round of McDonald’s work from Wieden & Kennedy New York, which won the lead creative account for McDonald’s U.S. last year. It follows "It's perfect made perfecter,” which broke during the Grammy Awards.