McDonald’s made apparel that camouflages the McFlurry so people don’t ask for a bite

Campaign from TBWA Lisbon has helped boost McFlurry sales by 50% in Portugal this summer

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Aug 15, 2023
Influencers Arthur CatFish and Barbara Inês modeling the McFlurry apparel

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TBWA Lisbon has unveiled a fanciful, fashion-forward effort—a line of apparel for McDonald’s Portugal that helps you hide your McFlurry from the thieves who would pilfer a bite.

The collection includes three types of T-shirts (regular, straps and oversized) featuring the same striped pattern seen on McFlurry cups. So, now you can saunter down the boardwalk without having to protect your McFlurry at all costs.

The T-shirts are available exclusively via the McDonald’s app in Portugal.

Ads showing the CamouFlurry Collection

A person using the McDonald's app to order the CamouFlurry Collection

Mannequins in McDonald's windows sporting the CamouFlurry Collection

The campaign is themed “So good you’ll want to hide it” and also includes restaurant window displays with mannequins featuring the so-called CamouFlurry Collection. (They probably shouldn’t advertise the camouflage too much, as that could defeat the purpose.)

An outdoor ad in Portugal for the CamouFlurry Collection

An outdoor ad in Portugal for the CamouFlurry Collection

Along with OOH ads, the work includes influencer elements, as McDonald’s partnered with Artur Catfish (solid name) and Barbara Inês to show off the designs. (See their videos below.) The marketer tells us the campaign helped boost McFlurry by 50% over last summer.