The 'world's smallest' McDonald's caters to bees

The 'McHive' from Nord DDB celebrates World Bee Day

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May 22, 2019

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McDonald's Sweden celebrated World Bee Day (May 20) this week by building the "world's smallest McDonald's"—a tiny replica of a restaurant that's actually a hive.

Created by Nord DDB, the "McHive" has a main entrance for the bees to enter as well as a McDrive and outdoor seating. Designed and built by set designer Nicklas Nilsson, it has now been auctioned for US $10,000 during a charity fundraiser for Ronald McDonald house charities.

The McHive highlights a sustainability project in Sweden in which some of its restaurants now have beehives on their roofs. The initiative started out locally with one franchise but has now expanded to five restaurants, with more franchisees around the country looking to get involved.