McDonald's McRib gets a free ad from Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin

Actor and entrepreneur mixes the 'Gin Riblet' to honor sandwich's 40th anniversary

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Nov 02, 2021

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This week, McDonald’s seasonal, somewhat polarizing sandwich the McRib turned 40 years old. To commemorate the milestone, the Golden Arches yesterday debuted a McRib NFT campaign, and today, Ryan Reynolds and his Aviation Gin have gifted the beloved sandwich with its own birthday ad.

Today on social media, Reynolds dropped one of his familiar, cheeky spots in which he speaks directly to camera. He stands at his well-equipped bar announcing a new cocktail he created “to celebrate the return of America’s favorite rib-shaped sandwich.”

He then goes on to mix a concoction called the “Gin Riblet” consisting of tomato juice, barbecue sauce, lemon and Aviation Gin, garnished with a pickle and onion. The video spells out the full recipe in red and yellow font.

“Mmm, it’s like a Bloody Mary’s hotter cousin,” Reynolds says. Though he never actually says “McDonald’s” or “McRib” in the video, there’s no confusion as to whom Reynolds is toasting.  “Happy 40th anniversary,” he cheers. “Bring back Grimace, dammit!”

McDonald’s went on to respond to his film.

The McRib spot is just the latest from Aviation and Reynolds’ agency Maximum Effort to jump on a pop culture moment. Previously, Reynolds honored pandemic-stricken fathers with their own cocktail, the "Vasectomy," and of course, there was that moment with the "Peloton wife."

Despite the fact that the McRib isn’t even made of real ribs—it’s merely a pork patty molded to look like a mini rack of ribs—the sandwich is an enduring cult favorite and draws attention whenever it returns—or doesn’t. Back in 2015, for example, it inspired one California woman to make an impassioned plea to her city council to bring the sandwich to her town after her local McDonald’s refused to offer it.