This time, McDonald's is trolling Burger King with a simple outdoor ad

Billboard in Belgium promotes restaurant's table service

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Jul 24, 2019

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Burger King is known to go to great (technological) lengths to troll its competitor McDonald’s, as with its Grand Prix-winning mobile campaign that sent one-cent Whopper coupons to customers in or near the Golden Arches. But now, McDonald’s is poking fun at BK with a simpler idea.

A billboard ad from TBWA Brussels running next to a Burger King restaurant in Belgium provides a witty reminder to pedestrians that McDonald’s offers something that BK does not: table service. 

“Served by a king, or served as a king,” it reads. The ad also transforms the golden arches into a royal crown (an example of the company's newly-instituted "Archery" design direction that allows McDonald's marketers to be more playful with the iconic symbol). 

Soon after McDonald's billboard went up, however, Burger King quickly responded with one of its own

McDonald's Served as a King ad