This pack of fries, Big Mac and Happy Meal were created entirely out of emoji

McDonald's campaign marking World Emoji Day by Oniria/TBWA ran across Latin American countries

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Jul 28, 2020

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A campaign for McDonald's marking World Emoji Day (July 17) recreated iconic menu items like the Big Mac, a pack of fries and a Happy Meal in artwork entirely made of emoji. 

The digital ads were created by Paraguay agency Oniria/TBWA and were adopted by other Latin American countries including Chile, Brazil, Nicaragua and Guatemala. You'll need to zoom in closely to see the intricate design, but when you do you'll find an eclectic mix of emoji. The Big Mac, for example, comprises smiley faces, hearts, keys, jack-o-laterns and bunnies.

The campaign was conceived by creatives Vidal Delgado and Iván Ramírez together with designer Rafael Ferrao. "What we were looking for was the balance between showing emojis as the focus of the idea, but still communicating the elements of the brand," said Ramírez in a statement.