This Thanksgiving, Even Pilgrims Have Gone Hipster

Stove Top Gets Artisanal in Bid to Broaden Appeal Beyond Turkey Day

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Nov 23, 2015

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Stove Top makes stuffing, and stuffing (at least in the U.S.) is all about Thanksgiving. Or so you would think. In fact, the brand believes you should be enjoying it at other times of the year, and in order to get this "non-traditional" idea across, agency CP&B has come up with the idea of an "artisanal hipster pilgrim."

This modern-day pilgrim, who appears in a series of social videos for the brand, looks much like a normal pilgrim, but sports an ironic hipster-style moustache and beard and black-rimmed glasses. (He also likes to take his pet turkey for walks.) His role is to persuade people to sample Stove Top at moments not associated with stuffing: like in a restaurant, as seen here, on a movie date night, while feeding the birds, or eating with leftovers. Each spot comes with a little ditty about the pilgrim, tweaked with appropriately funny lyrics.

The pilgrim also appears on Instagram (naturally) where we can discover that he lives in Williamsburg, via Plymouth and England, and "liked stuffing before Thankgiving tried to own it."