Factory workers 'scrub for 500 tiles' in Method's sing-along musical number

Mekanism riffs on The Proclaimers' eternal earworm

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Aug 13, 2018

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Cleaning can be dreary work, but there's nothing like a musical number to turn chores into a thrilling dance sequence. The latest spot for Method cleaning products is snazzy sing-along to one of the best-loved earworms of all time, "I'm Gonna' Be (500 Miles)" from eight-eyed, one-hit wonder The Proclaimers.

A dad grabs coffee and washes dishes as part of his morning routine (with his two bespectacled daughters), a chef cleans vegetables in her sink and a cat-lover scrubs tiles (500 of them), all while lauding Method's ingredients and sustainability.

Cut to choreography in the street, then to actual dancing in the brand's South Side Soap Box factory in Chicago's Pullman neighborhood. Many of the singers and dancers are actual Method employees who work there.

The two-minute short film from Mekanism and its in-house social media agency Epic Signal is also running in 1:45, 30- and 15-second cuts across digital video and social media and in connected TV, out-of-home and cinema placements.