MetLife: The 100

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Sep 17, 2019


Metlife, a leading US insurance company, releases The Employee Benefits Trends Study (EBTS) annually to help its clients stay informed about what keeps employees happy and motivated. is the longest running employer and employee study on changing trends in employee benefits and the changing expectations of the workforce and is one of the biggest thought leadership pieces MetLife puts out for the year. Our goal was to drive awareness of the study, create PR but most importantly showcase MetLife as a true expert in the changing workforce. Instead of releasing the data, we put humans at the center, turning data visualization into real human stories. We created “The 100.” 100 human stories were at the center of the report, discussing their personal stories of how work defines them, flexibility in the workplace, their long term financial worries and what keeps the, motivated and happy in their respective jobs. In a world filled with so much individuality, we found a better way to understand numbers. And got answers data could never give us.


Sep 17, 2019
Fred & Farid

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