A sneaky drone brings Christmas cheer to a lonely woman

Swiss supermarket Migros introduces another cute holiday character

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Nov 24, 2021

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Swiss retailer Migros has been building a reputation for cute holiday ads for some years; from 2017's adorable elf living in a supermarket scanner to last year's owl squatting in a Christmas tree

Keeping up to date with technology (and pandemic shopping developments perhaps) this year introduces another cute character: a drone. That's not something you'd expect to be adorable, being more associated with anonymous human-less deliveries perhaps, but the ad, directed by veteran Martin Werner for Wirz Zurich, manages to make it so. 

On its way to deliver packages, the smiling drone (it has a name apparently: Robin, which seems seasonal) notices a lonely, widowed old lady sitting alone in her home. Next door is a happy family celebrating Christmas together. He intervenes with a mis-delivered package, and brings them together; the spot ends with the message that "No one should be alone at Christmas." (It's a theme we've seen in another poignant Christmas ad this year, from Vodafone Hungary.

Robin was developed by BaconX, and the ad was produced by Pumpkin Film. Kudos for all for managing to make drones cute—even if we worry that letting seniors go out in the snow is potentially a little dangerous. 



Nov 24, 2021
Client :
Agency :
Production :
Pumpkin Film AG
Regie :
Martin Werner/Bacon
Manel Ruiz
Executive Producer :
Stefanie Brand
Editor :
Alexander Jurkat
Postproduction Producer Pumpkin Film :
Steffi Beck
Postproduction CGI :
Creative Director BaconX :
Jan Tvilling
VFX Producer BaconX :
Louise Bejerholm
Colorist BaconX :
Hannibal Lang
Music Composer :
Jorrit Kleijnen
Sound FX :
Kevin Koch
Postproduction Versioning :

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