Bobby Bonilla introduces extremely long deal for Mint Mobile

Mets player famous for his clever contract negotiations introduces 25-year steal for fans in campaign from Maximum Effort

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Jul 01, 2021

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On Thursday, just like each July 1 for past 10 years, the New York Mets will fork over more than $1 million to former player Bobby Bonilla, even though he hasn’t played professional baseball since 2001. It’s the outcome of clever contract negotiations on Bonilla’s part (and a textbook blunder for the Mets) that’s become known as Bobby Bonilla Day.

But the retired player (who’s set to keep collecting checks until 2035) gets hate mail every year from jealous onlookers. Now Mint Mobile, the wireless provider owned by Ryan Reynolds, is offering customers their own version of Bonilla’s multi-year pay-day. For one day only, users can get 25 years of wireless service for $100 per year.

Ads promoting the deal from Maximum Effort, the agency owned by (who else?) Ryan Reynolds, feature Bonilla explaining how viewers can share in his good fortune. Reynolds provides voice over for one spot (or is it his twin brother Gordon?) though he doesn’t make an appearance, as he often does in spots for his brands.