M&M’s become an everyday apology tool in its Super Bowl spot starring Dan Levy

“Sorry I called you Karen,” one woman says to a neighbor named … Karen

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Feb 03, 2021

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M&M’s is suggesting its candies as a thoughtful way to apologize for life’s little irritations and come together in its first Super Bowl spot since 2019, though Dan Levy’s apology seems less than sincere. 

The “Come Together” spot comes from M&M’s longtime creative agency BBDO New York and is set to air during the first commercial break after kickoff. The director is Matt Aselton from Arts & Sciences.

The Super Bowl spot shows people handing out packs of M&M’s to those they’re apologizing to for various transgressions. Missteps in the spot include kicking the plane seat in front of you (on purpose), mansplaining (and explaining mansplaining while apologizing for mansplaining — naturally), hosting a gender reveal party where guests get covered with blue powder, and showing what happened at the end of last week's teaser. Then, a man hands a pack to a priest in the confessional. 

The final everyday type of apology comes in an apartment building lobby.

“Sorry I called you Karen,” one woman says to her neighbor. “That’s my name,” says the neighbor receiving the candy.

“Sorry that’s your name,” the apologizer says, handing Karen another pack. 

Then the spot heads to the lives of the M&M’s spokescandies, where Dan Levy tells the green and brown ones that “I promise I will not eat any more of your friends.”

Green is unconvinced by Levy, who is making his Super Bowl ad debut.

"I always try to take part in well-intentioned campaigns with brands that align with my sense of humor, so this ad was a perfect fit," Levy said in a statement. "One of the things I loved most about this campaign was the message about how something small—like sharing M&M'S—can help bring people together."

The spot doesn’t suggest these COVID-19 times, as no one is distancing or wearing masks. But the premise was informed by recent events.

"M&M'S is a fun and colorful brand—so tapping into that humor to help us laugh and feel more connected to each other felt very right this year," Sarah Long, Chief Marketing Officer, Mars Wrigley North America, said in a statement. 

The Mars Wrigley brand revealed its 30-second commercial during a 9 a.m. Zoom meeting hosted by its yellow spokescandy and featuring an appearance by M&M’s auto racing partner and former Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs, who isn’t in the spot itself. During the brief presentation, which M&M's opened up to 50,000 people, the yellow character offered a coupon code for M&M's, suggesting it was for those who vote the spot up in the USA Today Ad Meter poll. 

This spot will be M&M’s sixth ad in the game in the past decade. M&M’s last appeared in 2019, with a spot starring Christina Applegate driving the spokescandies, who were bad passengers. It previously ran spots in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2018.


Feb 03, 2021
Client :
Agency :
BBDO-New York
Global VP – Brands, Content & Media :
Rankin Carroll
VP Marketing North America :
Sarah Long
Senior Brand Director :
Allison Miazga Bedrick
Brand Content & Communications Architect :
Chris Brody
Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Worldwide :
David Lubars
Global Executive Creative Director :
Tim Bayne
Senior Creative Director :
Corey Rakowsky
Senior Creative Director :
Kleber Menezes
Creative Director :
Jessica Rello
Creative Director :
Jenn Tranbarger
Creative Director :
Matt Vescovo
EVP Group Executive Producer :
Amy Wertheimer
Executive Producer :
Sofia Doktori Handler
Senior Music Producer :
Julia Millison
Business Manager :
Shelly Bloch
CEO & President :
Kirsten Flanik
EVP Global Account Leader Mars In :
Susannah Keller
EVP Senior Director :
Lisa Piliguian
SVP Account Director :
Ashley Gill
Account Director :
Rebecca Orlandi
Account Manager :
Taylor Baird
Account Executive :
Jessica Dunne
Production Company :
Arts & Sciences
Director :
Matt Aselton
Executive Producer :
Zoe Odlum
Managing Partner :
Marc Marrie
Managing Director :
Mal Ward
Head of Production :
Christa Skotland
Director of Photography :
Malik Sayeed
Editorial :
Editor :
Ian Mackenzie
Assistant Editor :
Cooper McLane
Executive Producer :
Gina Pagano
Animation/VFX :
House Special
Executive Producer :
Lourri Hammack
Animation Director :
Kirk Kelley
Senior Producer :
Zilpha Yost
Color :
Company 3
Colorist :
Tim Masick
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Kevin Breheny
Audio :
Heard City
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Phil Loeb
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Sasha Awn
Music :
Human Worldwide
EP :
James Wells
Composer :
Matthew O’Malley
Creative Lead :
Morgan Visconti
Creative Lead :
Matthew O’Malley

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