Forget Flowers, Fisher-Price Invites You to Give Mom a 'Mommy'

Social Campaign Via 360i Bestows Awards on New Moms

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May 05, 2015
The Mommys

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Mother's Day is around the bend and we've already seen a lot of tear-jerkers that have made us want to run home to our mamas. Did you see Minute Maid's letter campaign in which kids tell their moms and dads how they really feel about their parenting skills? (Maybe don't watch that at work.)

But Fisher-Price is taking a more celebratory approach by introducing a new parenting awards "festival," The Mommys.

Created by 360i, the global social campaign rolling out in 15 countries invites Facebook users to celebrate accomplished moms by "virtually" rewarding them with one of six cute, toy-like trophies -- including an airplane with a spoon for a nose ("Super-Sonic Spoon Feeder") and a toilet on a cake ("Potty Independence").

Each is based on a familiar stepping stone of early childhood. The spoon feeder, for example, can go to a "mealtime aviation expert" who discovered "baby food tastes better when it lands by plane," while the potty award can go to moms who "fought hard" for a "diaper-free lifestyle." Users bestow an award on friends by sharing it on Facebook with the hashtag #TheMommys.

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