Moms of Ad Execs Explain What Their Kids Do for a Living

MRY Captures in Film one of Advertising's Most Hilarious Truths

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May 08, 2015

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Digital agency MRY captures in film what many of us who work in, or around advertising already know -- our moms have no idea what the heck we do for a living. The agency called up a few of its mothers and asked them to describe their kids' jobs, and you can imagine how "creative" the responses were.

We won't give away all the gems, but some of the priceless ones include an explanation from Community Management Supervisor Sarah Shaker's mom, who guesses, "She's a supervisor, so she must supervise other people" and then another from Associate Director, Community Strategy Janet Caputo Karp's mother, who described what her daughter does as "those annoying ads on the computer that pop up."

VP-Global Brand Development Vishal Sapra's mom just skirted the question and got to the really important stuff: "I want him to find his right life partner. . .it's about time."


May 08, 2015

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