MoonPie celebrates April 8 solar eclipse with epic sun-vs.-moon wrestling match

Seven years after punking Hostess during the last solar eclipse, MoonPie gets out in front of the next celestial event

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Mar 26, 2024
Two announcers at a wrestling match holding up MoonPie products

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On Aug. 21, 2017, on the morning of the last total solar eclipse, MoonPie posted one of the all-time great brand tweets—a response to Hostess declaring its Golden CupCakes to be the official snack cake of the celestial event.

The five-letter tweet generated 1.1 billion impressions, MoonPie said at the time.

The next total solar eclipse is happening April 8, and MoonPie is ready once again with a campaign from Tombras that’s as big and over-the-top as the 2017 tweet was small and simple.

The snack-pie brand has fashioned this year’s eclipse as Sun vs. Moon ’24, a WWE-worthy wrestling smackdown between the two celestial orbs. A series of videos take place ringside, with a couple of buffoony announcers calling the action.


In real life, 64.3 million moons would fit inside the sun, so it wouldn’t be much of a fight. Within the reality of the campaign, though, the moon even manages to instill fear in his fiery opponent.

The videos promote a limited-edition “Solar Eclipse Survival Kit” featuring MoonPie minis, available in chocolate, vanilla or banana. A version of the kit available online includes four chocolate mini MoonPies along with two MoonPie-themed eclipse glasses in black packaging with the phrase “Get Mooned on 4.8.24.”

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MoonPie often jumps on celestial happenings in the news, most recently crafting ads written in alien language following last year’s congressional hearings into unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs).

“What brand other than MoonPie would be capable of doing an ‘Outta This World’ takedown of the sun?” said Dooley Tombras, president of Tombras. “The eclipse is MoonPie’s Super Bowl. We had to go all out.”

See a few more videos below.



Mar 26, 2024
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