'Mother's Ruin' is Ryan Reynold's loving Mother's Day cocktail

Follow up to 'The Vasectomy' is just as sarcastic

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May 06, 2022

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Last year, Ryan Reynolds tickled our funny bones with his Aviation Gin recipe for Father's Day: The Vasectomy. Now the star is back and going straight for the heartstrings (and a few laughs too) in a new mixology video featuring his mother.

The video, which Reynolds posted to his social channels this morning, shows him mixing the “Mother’s Ruin,” a sparkling citrus punch featuring a generous pour of Aviation Gin. Reynolds’ real mom, Tammy Reynolds, joins him in the video and while she starts with an affectionate, “I’m so proud of you, Honey,” their antics slowly become a bit more “Mommie Dearest.”

As Reynolds gets down to business crafting the beverage, Tammy chimes in with motherly advice on which direction to stir a punch bowl, lint on his shirt and the appropriate amount of gin to booze up the mixture with. 

“As this chills for an hour, you’ll want to spend that time reflecting on everything your mom has done for you over the years,” he says with notably less affection in his voice than when the video began. “Or just add champagne while it’s warm and drink the ever-loving sh** out of it.”

“We can fix your performance in post, sweetheart,” Tammy whispers as a recipe card shows on screen. “Fix you in post,” Reynolds responds.

On Instagram, Reynold’s agency Maximum Effort commented on the post, “Mom’s love packs a punch,” and Betty Buzz, the seltzer brand founded by his wife Blake Lively, responded, “Mom approved…mostly.”

See the recipe, which serves 4-6 moms, below: