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Let's make some babies, baby.

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Aug 07, 2012

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Nine months from now, Singaporean maternity wards are going to be full of new parents, holding their newborns in one hand and maybe clutching a packet of Mentos in the other. At least, that seems to be the hope, according to this hilarious new song released by the brand via BBH Asia Pacific.

On the momentous occasion of Singapore's National Day, which is August 9, Mentos released special edition Mentos Packs that say "I Love SG," along with this cute anthem that implores "proud, financially secure adult in a stable, committed, long-term relationship in Singapore" to do their civic duty and put plainly, get it on to give a patriotic boost to Singapore's birth rate.

The song is chock-full of local references, like "I'll tap you all night like an EZ-Link card," which refers to the transit card that is "tapped" at train station turnstiles, and plenty of mentions of the National Day Parade and the fireworks that accompany the annual showcase.

The song is available for download, as are the chords, in case you want to play it to your loved one before you get busy. Local bands will also cover the song in bars leading up to National Night. On August 9, the song will play after the parade, signalling the time couples should start doing their duty.

It's a cheeky and very Singaporean move by Mentos: a combination of the the "civic duty" ethos that the local government encourages with a playful musically-inclined execution that will appeal to young people. And the birth-rate is no laughing matter, as every Singaporean knows: flagging fertility rates are a real problem in Singapore, where the government has been pushing for a parent-friendly environment, with longer maternity and paternity leaves, and increasing the availability of larger housing for new parents, as well as other perks.


Aug 07, 2012
BBH-Asia Pacific
Mentos Singapore
Mentos Singapore

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