Nescafé artfully shows how coffee made at exactly 80°C tastes better and saves energy

A new campaign from Courage invites coffee drinkers to make a small change for a big impact

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May 09, 2024

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For many people around the world, coffee brings energy, vibrancy, life… after all, every second, some 5,700 cups of coffee are consumed globally. So you might expect that making a pot of coffee at 80 degrees Celsius, rather than the boiling point of 100 degress, might make it less flavorful, rich or tasty. 

But you’d be wrong.

In its latest campaign, Nescafé Canada suggests 80 degrees is all that’s needed for a delicious cup of coffee. Created by agency Courage, Nescafé is urging people to make the small change to conserve energy, making for a perfect cup and a bigger impact.

The film walks viewers through vignettes of people’s everyday habits of putting on a pot of coffee, posing the question—what would happen if you adjusted the water to 80 degrees? The anticipation builds as the viewer theorizes the worst—it’ll be more work to make coffee, it won’t taste as good and more. However, the film ultimately shows that while the settings can change, the feeling of comfort and remain the same. The work also visually emphasizes the potentially large impact of such a seemingly small adjustment.

“80 Degrees” continues Nescafé’s creative relationship with director Omri Cohen, who led the brand’s award-winning “How the World Says Coffee” and “Jars” short films. 

“Nescafé is already such an integral part of billions of people’s daily routines. And at that scale, even a small sustainable action can have a massive impact,” said Dhaval Bhatt, founder and co-chief creative officer of Courage. “We wanted to once again show people the power of a simple sustainable action that not only uses less power, but results in a better tasting coffee. As win-win as it gets.”

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May 09, 2024
Client :
Agency :
Courage Inc
Senior Vice President :
Tracey Cooke
Head of Marketing and Commercial :
Tracey Cooke
Head of Center of Marketing Excellence :
Tracey Cooke
Vice President Marketing :
Carm DaSilva
Senior Marketing Manager :
Victoria Martin Evans
Marketing Manager :
Katherine Choi
Assistant Marketing Manager :
Morgan Zhuo
Partner & President :
Niki Sahni
Co-Founder & CCO :
Dhaval Bhatt
Co-Founder & CCO :
Joel Holtby
Partner & CSO :
Tom Kenny
ACD Art Director :
Andrea Romanelli
ACD Copywriter :
Jon Taylor
Group Account Director :
Saloni Wadehra
Account Supervisor :
Camilo Moreno
Senior Strategist :
Lyndsey Westfall
Executive Producer :
Clair Galea
Production :
Spy Films
Director :
Omri Cohen
Adam Richards
EP :
Marcus Trulli
Line Producer :
Aasttha Khajuria
1st AC :
Julian Bucknall
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Leah Munro
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Megan Werle
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Ana Gil
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Alberto Stewart
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Miguel Pareja
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Penélope Cristóbal
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Tamara Mariño
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Daniela Martín
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Laura Herranz
Wardrobe :
Cristina Malcorra
Makeup :
Manuela Romero
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Dani Parrilla
Grip :
Casting :
Alicia Y Pablo Casting
Editorial :
Editor :
Michael Barker
Assistant Editor :
Ilya Sarossy
Executive Producer :
Kayan Choi
Color & Online :
Alter Ego
Colorist :
Eric Whipp
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Sabrina Salerno
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Joel Osis
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Jake Hussey
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Sam Omand
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Mariya Guzova
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Hilda Pereira
Sound :
Vapor Music
Creative Director :
Ted Rosnick
Executive Producer :
Lindsey Serlin
Sound Designer :
Kevin Chamberlain
Senior Engineer :
Julian Rudd
Original Composition :
Vapor Music

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