Cranky, diaper-wearing Cupids turn to Netflix to get their matchmaking done

Campaign from Gigil promoting latest installment of 'To All the Boys' is absurdist gold

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Feb 16, 2021

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A team of cranky, disgruntled Cupids make for hilarious office comedy in this unusual promotion for the third installment of Netflix’s popular teen romantic comedy franchise “To All the Boys,” starring Lana Condor and Noah Centineo.  A campaign by Manila-based Gigil for the Philippines promotes the final installment of the film series “Always and Forever,” released on Feb. 12. It sees a team of the love gods slouching n folding chairs in a drab conference room as they discuss better strategies for getting people together for Valentine’s Day, especially after the pandemic has kept so many apart.

The interactions are comedic gold—something like a cross between “The Office” and Monty Python. One enterprising lovemaker suggests leveling up their weaponry to Gatling-style multi-spear shooters, another decides it’s more convenient to hook people up with plants rather than other human beings and yet another needs a bathroom  break (after which he’s reminded that they’re already wearing diapers).

Ultimately, the lead Cupid offers what seems the most sound piece of advice: encourage people to watch “To All the Boys: Always and Forever,” because the lead character Lara Jean offers the best ideas for finding love (she sends a love letter to her crush, that leads to a kiss, a prom date and more).

“We need to remind people that love takes initiative and effort,” the head Cupid lectures. “They can’t just expect us Cupids to do everything for them.”

According to Gigil, the campaign immediately became viraland this weekend, the film shot up to #1 on Netflix Philippines. The agency has been making a name for itself with its quirky comedy, which includes its bizarre ads for RC Cola.