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Apr 01, 2021


Coinciding with the release of the band’s 8th studio album When You See Yourself, and as long-term creative partners with the band, Night After Night collaborated with Kings of Leon to drop the first-ever new album released in NFT format. Quickly becoming one of the most successful wide-scale uses of NFTs within the music industry to date, the unprecedented move has created an entirely new template for releasing music and content to fans.

In the history-making drop, the band released The “NFT YOURSELF” digital art collection. Collectors were able to bid on one of several unique pieces starting with a $50 exclusive NFT collectible and limited-edition Golden Eye Vinyl with ALL proceeds benefiting Live Nation’s Crew Nation Fund. The drop also featured six GOLDEN TICKET experiences, offering fans four front row seats, each tour, to the show of their choosing, anywhere in the world, FOR LIFE. The centerpiece of the collection, Bandit Wave #2, also benefitted the Live Nation Crew Nation Fund.

To date, the drop has raked in over 2 million dollars with $600,000 directly benefiting Live Nation’s Crew Nation. And we’re just getting started…






Apr 01, 2021
Agency :
Night After Night
Client :
Kings of Leon

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