Nike created an interactive playground for customers to test out the Joyride shoe

Brand debuts another fun immersive retail experience to promote its products

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Aug 23, 2019

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Nike is known for making the shoe try-on process a fun-filled ride. Last year in Shanghai, it debuted “Reactland,” a video game consumers played while running on a treadmill in Nike kicks. And now, at the brand’s New York House of Innovation flagship, it's opened an interactive playground where customers can jump, dash and bounce around while trying out the new Joyride running shoe.

Nike’s North American retail experience design team collaborated with agency Deep Local, global production studio The Mill and TCI to create the installation, which consists of three different games played on an interactive digital floor. Users check in to the experience and are outfitted with a pair of Joyrides, which they wear throughout the playful trials.

“Busy Beads” is an agility exercise that requires players to run in place as fast as they can in order to collect the digital beads. The game is designed to demonstrate the Joyride’s impact absorption.

“Skip ‘N Squish” is a hot lava-inspired game in which players must jump from one group of beads to another, avoiding “lava” to get to the other side of the floor. The player who achieves the most laps wins. That game demonstrates the responsive and lightweight nature of the shoe.

The final game, “Cushy Kicks,” is a mashup between football and ping pong, and players have to stop digital beads from entering their goal by deflecting them to the opposing player with their feat. That exercise promotes the shoe’s “personalized” cushioning.

The Joyride experience will take place through mid-October at Nike’s New York flagship at 650 5th Avenue.