The North Face opened its 'coldest' pop-up store in China's freezing wilderness

The stunt highlighted the temporary closure of its main store for the Winter Olympics

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Feb 01, 2022

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To get to the North Face's latest pop-up store in China, you really had to be into cold weather. And an expert skier too. 

The outdoor brand has had to temporarily close its store in the ski resort of Genting, China, because of the Winter Olympics. So, to reassure people that the brand is still around, it opened a temporary store in remote back country on Changbai mountain, one of the coldest areas in China, where temperatures can drop to minus 30℃.

The campaign, by Fred & Farid Shanghai, includes a video teaser documenting when the brand closed the main store and inviting people to find the new pop-up in the remote mountain range, which stretches between China and North Korea.

The store was open just for the second week of January. Featuring the latest collection from The North Face, it was a stop-off point for those exploring and skiing in this isolated area. According to the agency, only people who are into extreme skiing and backcountry exploration managed to find it.