A Homebuyer and His Creepy Alter-Egos Star in Realtor.com's Latest Campaign With Elizabeth Banks

Campaign Warns Against Missing Out to All Those 'Not-Yous'

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Apr 03, 2017

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In Realtor.com's latest spot, a continuation of its work featuring Elizabeth Banks, a man searching for a new home is followed around by an army of identically-dressed alter-egos.

As he walks around town on the Realtor.com app, individual guys start to get up and follow him, all kitted out in the same combo of jacket, jeans and satchel. Even when he gets on a bus, there's one of them there. It's all getting a bit zombie drama-like, when he pitches up at a house for sale and is greeted by a perky Ms. Banks, who comments: "Lot of not-yous out there!" as the Not-Yous lurk in the background looking disappointed. The spot ends with the message: "Find your dream home before not-you finds it."

The spot, once again by Pereira & O'Dell New York, was directed by Radical Media's Steve Miller. Fans of the campaign can also watch a behind-the-scenes film about the making of some of the spots so far, and there's also a Q&A with Banks in which she discusses her own experience of home-buying and open houses, and how the "not-you" concept is very relatable.