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Mar 27, 2024
Gloved hand holding an orange over crates of groceries


Farm-to-front-door fresh.

With so many food and meal delivery companies entering the market, all claiming to deliver on “fresh,” we needed to show busy New Yorkers that FreshDirect truly is the freshest. We needed to help consumers, who don’t know FreshDirect’s business model, to understand that they can be 100% confident we are fresher and better.

Still under the “Food That Delivers You” platform, we set out to show busy families and foodies alike that FreshDirect is the only one that delivers the freshest and best food experience because we have end-to-end control over our and our shoppers’ high standards. In other words, we cut out the middlemen.


Here’s the hook.

Before showing the care FreshDirect puts into sourcing, housing, picking, packing and delivering our fresh food to your front door, in this campaign we hook the viewer with a fun, hyperbolic demonstration of just how fresh from the source our food is. Like, fishermen are waiting and can sense when you have ordered a specific fish, kinda fresh.

We partnered once again with comedy director, LJ Johnson of Howdy Gang productions to deliver two fresh new 30 second spots with 15 and 6 second cutdowns, featuring Icelandic Cod fishermen, and Sumo Citrus orange growers. And, once again the campaign features FreshDirect’s signature music from New York artist, Imani Coppola.

And, speaking of fresh, the campaign scheduled to launch in January, was shot in New York in November, but we had to wait until the end of December to film our Sumo Citrus orchard scenes, when the fruit is in season.


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Mar 27, 2024
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Matt Cragnolin
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Pam Fraser
Director - Client Partnership :
Kelly Kinane
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Abby Carr
Senior Project Manager :
Mandy Russell
VP Strategy :
Bhavik Joshi

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