A change of phone sparks a spectacular personal light show in this telecom ad

O2's campaign from VCCP promotes custom plans for users

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Mar 09, 2020

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A man becomes the star of his own spectacular light show when an old phone dies in a new U.K. campaign from telecom brand O2.

Set to the track "Light" by Michael Kiwanuka, the ad, directed by Park Pictures' Georgia Hudson for VCCP, shows a customer walking through a park at full moon, when his phone dies. Suddenly an amazing light show begins to take shape around him with dramatic lighting, lasers shooting out of cars, and a stage rising up beneath him as he experiences a moment where he is in the spotlight. Finally, he leaps from the stage back to the ground and finds a brand new phone in his hands. The tagline is "you're our headline act."

The spot promotes O2's custom plans, which let customers choose how much they want to pay upfront and the length of their plan, and have flexible data allowances. The creative will also appear on OOH sites, as well as encompassing press, radio and  with a bespoke experience on Spotify. Interactive, playable social ads on Facebook will enable users to see how they could flex their tariff and afford the phone they want with O2 custom plans.