Kraft Mac & Cheese : Old Birds New Tweets

Using the Facebook.

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Apr 10, 2012

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Old people using the Internet can be a great source of hilarity -- as long as they're not in your immediate family, in which case it's just annoying because you have to teach them. CP+B and Kraft thought up this cute little idea for the brand's 75th anniversary, where they enlisted two 'Old Birds' to take over their social network for three days.

Frankie and Dottie are two adorable old ladies who've been eating Mac & Cheese for 75 years... we're assuming they didn't do so everyday or have an extremely high metabolic rate. They're going to be the brand's social media managers, starting today until Thursday, tweeting, Facebooking and commenting. The hashtag for the effort is #newbirdsoldtweets, and check out the hilarious videos they've been posting on Facebookand their observations on Twitter.