Olivia Colman and David Harbour play mother and father turtles in heartbreaking animated film for Greenpeace

Aardman-created spot directs viewers to sign the organization's Global Ocean Treaty petition

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Jan 15, 2020

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Greenpeace has teamed up with Aardman Animation and celebrities including Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman and "Stranger Things" actor David Harbour for a heartbreaking new film about a turtle family's migration.

The short depicts a family of turtles setting off on a long journey home from their grandparents' house. It starts out just like a human family on a car ride, with the kids bickering over games and videos in the back seat and the parents getting frustrated over traffic and roadworks. However things take a darker turn as they're delayed by oil drilling and are splattered with plastic junk. When they eventually reach their home, it's far too quiet—and the film ends tragically with the turtle mom, voiced by Colman, killed by the destruction of their home.

The spot ends with the stark message that "six out of seven sea turtle species are threatened with extinction." It encourages viewers to sign a petition for a U.N. Global Ocean Treaty to protect the world's oceans. 

As well as Colman and Harbour, the ad features the voices of Helen Mirren and Jim Carter of "Downton Abbey" as the grandparents.


Jan 15, 2020
Client :
Production Company :
Aardman Animation
Director :
Gavin Strange
Production Coordinator :
Emily Stone
Writer :
Sam Morrison
Storyboard Artist :
Maya Wilson
Character Designer :
Sylvia Bull
Environment and background design :
Davide Mastrolonardo
Set Dresser :
Thomas Sewell
Modelmaker :
Chris Entwistle Tandie
Modelmaker :
Langton Bronwen
Modelmaker :
Salter George Watson
Props :
Helen Javes
Props :
Mangostone Ltd
Director of Photography :
Simon Jacobs
Animator :
Alison Evans
Animator :
Gareth Love Lee Wilton
Animator :
Inez Woldman
Assistant Animator :
Louis Mcnamara
Electrician :
Damien GrayGuy
Electrician :
HolmeNat Sale
Rigger :
Sam Holland
Camera Assistant :
Erica Pownall
Camera Assistant :
Adam Cook
Sound Recordist :
Miles Cumpstey
Dopesheet editor :
Christopher Stock
Photoshop Artist :
James Grant
Producer :
Sami Goddard
CG Supervisor :
Rich Spence
CG Artist :
Martin Blunden
CG Artist :
Trine Sorensen Coolidge
CG Artist :
Helen Duckworth
CG Artist :
Nathan Guttridge
CG Artist :
Ben Toogood
CG Artist :
Chuen Tsang
CG Artist :
Signe Tveitan
CG Lighter :
Tessa MappLuke Tickner
FX Artist :
Joseph Thornley-Heard
Additional FX :
Owain Peake
Previs Artist :
Rebecca Rose
CG Animator :
Marta Arisa Clotet
CG Animator :
Eva Bennett
CG Animator :
Dom Rayner
CG Animator :
Mat Rees
Comp Supervisor :
Fernando Lechuga
Compositor :
Hugh Brazier
Compositor :
Paule Quinton
Compositor :
Spencer Cross
Compositor :
Jim Lewis
Colorist :
Bram Ttwheam
Composer :
Arthur JeffesPenguin Cafe
Editor :
Dan Williamson
Sound Design/Mix :
Matt Loveridge
Sound Design/Mix :
Will Davies
Voice Artist :
Jim Carter
Voice Artist :
Olivia Colman
Voice Artist :
David Harbour
Voice Artist :
Giovanna Lancellotti
Voice Artist :
Calyssa Miller
Voice Artist :
Helen Mirren
Voice Artist :
Bella Ramsey
Voice Artist :
Ahir Shah

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