Oculus Go promises to bring the whole world 'a little closer' in new campaign

Anomaly helps virtual reality make its mainstream debut

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May 01, 2018

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Facebook is all in on virtual reality, and it wants you to be, too. The tech giant unveiled its Oculus Go VR headset this week, an entry-level offering priced for mass appeal that's been racking up decent reviews. And to sell the Go to a public that may not have considered shelling out $200 for VR tech, the Facebook-owned company released a spot by Anomaly detailing all the things you can "experience" with it.

A voiceover addresses you as the various "yous" you can be as you adorn the Oculus Go headset--a "fisherman in the Pacific, a weaver in the Philippines, a journalist on the frontlines." It speaks earnestly about kindness, courage, family, friendship, ancestors, the universe and love. The litany verges on mawkishness, punctuated with a saccharine endline: "Because when you learn to love a life different from your own, the world becomes a little closer."

The sentimentality is reminiscent of Facebook's almost-apology spot from last week. Creatively, it's a far cry from the fantastical, soaring aspirations of the lucky ostrich in Leo Burnett's spot for the Gear VR from last year.

This is the first entry in the Oculus Go campaign, called "Open Your Eyes," which will continue throughout 2018 via digital video, out-of-home and cinema placements and on Facebook and Instagram.